VA Matchmaking Service

VA Matchmaking Service

Introducing JL Administrative Services, LLC VA Matchmaking Service

Discover the ideal virtual assistant that perfectly matches your needs.

Are you exhausted from handling everything on your own?

I am here to support you in finding the ideal match for your business.

Has your never-ending to-do list seemingly gained a life of its own?  Despite your relentless efforts, tasks continue to accumulate day by day.

You strive to prioritize self-care, yet you constantly find yourself at the bottom of the list.  Your time with loved ones has dwindled due to the constant excuse of “not having enough time.”

You’ve considered hiring assistance, but the process seems overwhelming.

Whether you have a specific budget or need a virtual assistant from a particular industry, my Virtual Assistant Matchmaking service is customized to your unique needs.

By paying a one-time fee, I will alleviate the burden of searching for a virtual assistant.  I will handle all the research you don’t have time for, conduct interviews, and ultimately pair you with the perfect VA!

Look no further...JL Administrative Services, LLC is here to relieve you of that burden once and for all.

JL Admin Services VA Matchmaking Services
JL Admin Services VA Matchmaking Services

All for only $499.00! To initiate the process, a non-refundable deposit of $200 is required after the consultation*. The remaining balance of $299 is payable upon completion of the VA referral.

** The matchmaking fee of $499 does not encompass any payment for the virtual assistant’s hourly compensation.  You will be accountable for all payments owed to the VA.

*** If the arrangement doesn’t prove successful within the initial 30 days and you meet our “re-match” criteria, we will collaborate with you to find another suitable match at no additional cost.

My VA Matchmaking Process operates through five straightforward steps:
1. Fill out the VA Matchmaker application
2. Engage in a $50 Matchmaking consultation*
3. Identify highly qualified candidates through my sourcing efforts
4. Conduct a VA Match Interview Hour
5. Choose and hire your Virtual Assistant (VA)